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‘On the job’ refers to the expression ‘learning by doing’. That is why Landa Industries is a business with a more practical approach. It offers the client personalized training and guidance. This does not only stimulate your personal growth, but also the growth of the business itself.

On the job language training

Landa Language Training specializes in the languages German, French and Dutch at administration, management- and directorial level.

Landa Language Training focuses on the needs of its clients and offers ‘on to one’ training without having to relocate or waste any time. Landa gives its language training always online over Skype.

Our solution consists of supporting the client

  • by translating
    • resumes
    • e-mails
    • texts
    • contracts
    • ...
  • and by preparing and evaluating
    • sales calls
    • job interviews
    • contract negotiations
    • meetings
    • ...

Landa Language Training makes an analysis of the mistakes made and provides customized professional language training.

The goal of Landa Language Training is improving your language level without having to do any ‘homework’. 1 or 2 Skype meetings a week will lead you to the desired results!

On the job business training and consultancy

Landa Business Training and Consultancy consists of

  • training managers to
    • prepare and make a sales pitch
    • prepare and have contract negotiations
    • prepare and lead meetings
    • start in a new leading position
    • ...
  • consulting managers when preparing for
    • a (re)definition of their business
    • a take over of their company (within the family)
    • ...

Landa Business Training and Consultancy makes an analysis of the challenges within the company and provides customized professional business training and guidance.

Landa Business Training and Consultancy works online and on site. The client never has to move.

Landa Industries also offers

  • absolute confidentiality of all information that is exchanged in the form of a NDA
  • the possiblity to work outside normal office hours and in the weekends
  • good cooperation
  • the possibility to work via the SME portfolio

Service provider of the SME portfolio

The training and consultancy that Landa Industries offers, are eligible for subsidies through the SME portfolio.

The registration number for the service Training is DV.O231075.
The registration number for the service Advice is DV.A231076.

You can find all the information on

Who is Landa?

Language Training

Sofie Martens graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven as a linguist and literary. Her specialty is in the French and German languages. This passion for these two languages had led her to start giving language training. She has already done many language projects, both for companies and for the private sector. The pedagogical experience that she has will guarantee an improvement of client’s language skills.

Business Training and Consultancy

Jos Martens graduated as an industrial engineer in electromechanics. During 20 years of activity in European manufacturing businesses he evolved from engineer, account manager, commercial and managing director to CEO. Next, he decided to work independently as a consultant and trainer in the context of (re)defining businesses in the manufacturing sector.

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